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As per EN 365:2004, all Fall Protection Equipment must be inspected and recertified at least every 12 months by a competent person (4.4.). Also, once a block has arrested a fall it must be inspected by a competent person before being used again (4.2.2. m). Besides complying with the norms, inspecting/ servicing the block on an annual basis or after a fall- arrest would mean longer life and optimum performance in case of another fall, thus saving lives and money.

Note: As block is an engineered product, competent person must be trained and authorised by the manufacturer (3.3.).
Blocks will be Serviced / Repaired & Tested at the Authorised and trained person by Udyogi, using genuine spare-parts. Post servicing/ repair, the blocks are subjected to same stringent testing procedures and quality checks as a new block. The block will be cleared for handed over only after satisfactory performance as per the norms.
The servicing includes inspection, cleaning and restoring the block's internal mechanism, replacing certain mandatory parts, testing, packaging and handed over / dispatch.
Servicing can be done at approximately 17% of the cost of a new block, provided no major replacement is required. That is a huge cost-saving on an organisations safety budget.
All servicing / repairs will be done by Technicians trained by Udyogi, using genuine spare- parts. Post servicing/ repair, the blocks will be subjected to same stringent testing procedures and quality checks as a new block. The block will be cleared for handover / dispatch only after satisfactory performance as per the norms.
Yes, the Test Certificate will be provided for the serviced Block and will be handover / dispatched along with the invoice.
The transportation cost is not included in the servicing fee and will be borne by the client. The blocks should be sent to nearest Udyogi Office on Paid basis. Udyogi will dispatch the serviced blocks on To-Pay basis. Clients should indicate their preferred Transporter / Courier while sending the blocks.
Way Bill / Road Permit or any other entry document not required if servicing of blocks can be done at client site.
Udyogi will send Invoice after service / repair of the block. Client will make the payment against the invoice copy. On receipt of payment Udyogi will share the validation certificate.
It is at the client's discretion whether to send the blocks through the distributor or directly.
Udyogi gives one year manufacturing warranty on Blocks against any manufacturing defect. The warranty is effective from the date of purchase. In case the block malfunctions during this period, Udyogi will service the block without charge. However the two-way transportation cost will have to be borne by the client.

The warranty does not cover damage/ malfunction due to wrong usage, storage or misuse.
Post-service warranty period will be 45 days from the date of handed over / dispatch of serviced/ repaired Block.
Udyogi is authorised for servicing / repair of Udyogi blocks only. We are committed to "Customer Delight" hence we're offering these services to our esteemed client have put their trust in Udyogi products. Udyogi will not service blocks manufactured by others.
GST will be charged as prescribed by government rules.
The validation certificate will be readied for dispatch within 3 business days of receipt of payment.